Noted Accordion Players
  Jimmy Hendrix played the Accordion
Connie Francis
Connie Francis after she stopped playing
Accordion featured prominently in Bill Halley
and the Comets. John Grande played the
  Drew Carey
Clint Eastwood played the accordion in
Escape from Alcatraz.(1979).  He took up the
accordion so he could use the accordion
case to hide the tunnel he was digging.
The late Danny Federici played with Bruce
Spingstein in the E-Street Band
Fred Astaire played the accordion--almost as
well as he danced. Here, he played in the
band in Flying Down to Rio (1933).
Sophia Lauren demonstrates a Hagstrom
Mary Steenbergen in the Grass Harp (1996).
She really took up the accordion in 2013
when her husband, Ted Danson, bought her
Rachel Weisz plays a Hohner Gola accordion
in The Brothers Bloom (2008)
Jimmy Stewart plays the accordion in Night
Passage (1947).  He carries his accordion in
a saddle bag after the railroad fired him.
Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Ginger Rogers played the accordion (in
addition to dancing with Fred Astaire. Here,
she appears in Accordion World Magazine.
Jimmy Stewart was a well-known accordion
Beaver unwittingly signs up for accordion
lessons in Leave it to Beaver.
Peg Bundy (Katie Segal) in Married With
Children, Season 5, Episode 12 (1991).
Katie Segal really plays accordion and
This photograph of Richard Nixon looks
doctored.  However, he did play piano,
accordion, violin, saxophone and clarinet. His
daughters, Tricia and Julie took accordion
lessons from well-known Washington, D.C.
accordion teacher, Merv Conn.
Christina Hendricks in Mad Men
Ricky Ricardo with his concertina
Stevie Wonder not only played the keyboard,
but the accordion as well.
          Idi Amin
 (Dictator of Uganda)
John Lennon playing a Hohner Gola
       Sheryl Crowe
       Elvis Presley
Phoebe Leger
 Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)
 on Sitcom Family Matters
Dan Akroyd plays a Scandalli in Christmas
with the Kranks (2004)
Recent photo of Mary Steenbergen. She
really does like to play the accordion.
Russian President Valdimir Putin (2014)
plays the bandoneon for an admiring
President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez
de Kirchner
Ward Bond in Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful
Life (1946)
Stan Laurel plays concertina on The Big
Noise (1944)
             Billy Joel
Shirley Evans plays an accordion (Scandalli)
in a sing-along in the Beatles Magical
Mystery Tour (1967, re-released as Blu-Ray
2012). Her instrumental song, co-written by
John Lennon (Shirley's Wild Accordion) was
deleted from the final cut.
Shirley Evans with John Lennon
Bing Crosby plays a button accordion in Top
O' The Morning (1949). He plays a private
investigator accused of stealing the Blarney
Violinist Jasha Heifetz played the accordion
Desi Arnaz serenading Lucy in Forever
Darling (1956)
Before he was a country western star and a
sausage king, Jimmy Dean was an
accordion player.
Pee Wee King  (co-author of Tennessee
Waltz) played country-western accordion and
was elected to the Country Music Hall of
Grace Jones, model and actress (Conan the
Destroyer) also plays the accordion.
Fred MacMurray and Andy Devine look on as
Jack Kirkwood plays the accordion in Never a
Dull Moment (1950)
Fred MacMurrary plays a world famous
concertina player in The Princess Comes
Across (1936).   Carole Lombard pretends to
be a Swedish princess and falls in love with
MacMurrary during a sea voyage.  Fred
MacMurry really played the concertina in the
More photos of Fred MacMurray leading the
ship's orchestra with his concertina in The
Princess Comes Across (1936).
Donald O'Connor actually plays the
accordion in Sing, You Sinners (1938)
co-starring with Fred MacMurray and Bing
Ledbelly (Huddle William Ledbetter), folk and
blues musician best known for his guitar
playing also played the accordion.
Dean Martin plays the accordion in The
Stooge (1952) along with Jerry Lewis.
Marlene Dietrich in Witness for the
Prosecution (1957). She plays accordion in a
German beer hall and marries GI Victor
Mature who is later accused of murdering a
socialite for her money.
Marlene Dietrich plays accordion in a
German beer hall in Witness for the
Prosecution (1957)
Bob Hope entertains Jane Russell with a
concertina in The Paleface (1948)